Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Evidence?

There are many criminals who work hard to ensure that they slow down the investigation process. They do this by deleting digital evidence while trying to cover up their mistakes, and also drag and fail the case at hand. This action is commonly used by criminals who use computers but who are not necessarily computer […]

Reimagining data protection requires due diligence and defense in depth

To cut on costs and increase the efficiency in production, most companies have resulted to take a significant cut on the number of their staff. This means that companies and firms are increasingly getting dependent on technology and IT. This means that a lot of care should be taken as even the tiniest interruption of […]

How to Effectively Backup Data from Your Smart Phone

Losing data is not only frustrating but also a loss as you lose crucial data which you may not be able to recover that information again. These days, smartphones can be used to store contacts, videos, documents, email messages, and photos. You cannot afford to lose all that data that’s why it is imperative that […]

How Google’s New Gaming Console will Compete with Playstation 4

In the recent past, Google is making moves of entering in the industry of video game development, but they have caught many in surprise after they announced that they are developing a gaming platform which is expected to compete with PlayStation 4 and Xbox. The gaming console has been in existence for many years now […]

International Tech Advancements in 2019

As society grows, technology grows. This is a universal concept. Whether it be transportation to entertainment and everything in between, advancements are what we should all be looking out for in the near future. Tesla Model Y Rumored to be affordable and amazingly advanced, the Tesla Model Y was hinted at by Elon Musk on […]

Tech Tools Every Small Business Needs

For the success of an upcoming business, it is crucial that you have plans for the future of the business. You would not want your business to remain in the same position where you started. Thus, its success important, bearing in mind that there is competition. It is the different tactics you use that will […]

An Executive’s Guide to Outlook

An Executive’s Guide to Outlook With the advent in the field of information technology, there are various changes, which are quite evident in the life of modern individuals. One of such amazing change is in the form of Outlook, given below are some significant points, which can act as an executive guide to Outlook: -Public […]

How Games and E-Commerce Go Hand-in-Hand

Gaming is addictive yet a business to many. Electronic business has grown an extra mile because of games. Different people in the same sector earn and one cannot go without the other in this era of digitization and the internet. There are several ways in which the two go hand in hand. These include; 1.The […]

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