SMEARED – A Novel that could Help Save America

SMEAREDA Special Note:  This book is so powerful, I recently took a leave of absence from my company to become a filmmaker – and to insure this story is told the world over.  SMEARED will be coming to a movie theater near you in the Fall of 2014. Then to Netflix, DVD and finally, with God’s divine will, into every classroom in every school in America. Please read my 250 word book review, below.

The truth of our nation’s amazing birth must always be known. I pray you’ll soon appreciate how SMEARED will be used to effectively bypass our failing schools, corrupted news media and Hollywood’s mostly negative influence to highlight America’s exceptional design. With your help, it will.

**** A Review of SMEARED.  A novel I believe is destined to become a modern-day version of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” ****

SMEARED is a story of mystery, heroism, betrayal and love, all revolving around a quirky and endearing gentleman suffering from amnesia. On a rainy evening in Washington, D.C., Thomas is rescued by, and soon finds himself living with, Hartford Keepe, Chief of Staff to Senator Harold P. Feldstone, a powerful Washington insider. The young, hard-charging Hartford and his quick-witted girlfriend, Annie, quietly “adopt” Thomas, and a powerful friendship between Annie and Thomas begins. As Thomas seeks his true identity, he bides his time selling t-shirts from a stand while entertaining DC tourists with captivating, intimately detailed stories of America’s earliest days. Within weeks, Thomas becomes legend for “holding court” before thousands on the Washington Mall. As his throngs of adoring fans grow, the local media takes notice, as does Senator Feldstone. The Senator devises a scheme to leverage Thomas’s popular “everyman” image for ulterior and corrupt motives, before the largest television audience in history. When cameras actually roll, Thomas uses the opportunity to speak to 400 million worldwide viewers, asking many of the jointly assembled members of Congress to do things and admit truths they would otherwise never do. No lawmaker in attendance could dare refuse Thomas’s requests for fear of international embarrassment and political ruin. Thomas proceeds to leave no sacred cow un-gored. For his audacity to speak truthfully, Thomas is marked for annihilation by a team of ruling class assassins. For his candidness, he becomes a legend the world over. Spellbound, you will never predict the outcome of this fictional thriller!

Written by Georgia Tech graduate, former US Navy pilot and current Atlanta area resident, Mark Rogers, SMEARED is available for purchase in paperback or eBook at

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