CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson is America’s Paul Revere

Sharyl AttkissonA ‘Press Shop’ removed ‘Al-Qaeda’ from all Benghazi Talking Points – full report.

Political Hacks Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Susan Rice blatantly lied. Why are most major media strangely silent, incurious about the whereabouts of the 30 Benghazi survivors? For 6 months, the WH, State Dept. and media outlets have been feverishly coordinating to cover up this gross dereliction, whitewash the facts, and mock all who ask serious questions.

Obama was illegally running guns to terrorists (think Operation Fast & Furious) in the Middle East with dozens of CIA operatives in Libya. Obama and Clinton were repeatedly, officially warned Americans would be attacked by Islamic al Qaeda terrorists in Benghazi. It happened. Two months before the 2012 presidential election. Admitting the truth of the illegal operation would have cost Obama the election. Hence, the bogus anti-Mohammed YouTube video excuse was manufactured and fed to Americans via key government officials and the compliant, subservient media networks. The attack happened, the President was called, and he placed his election before the life and safety of two former Navy Seals while they heroically saved the lives of approx. 30 Americans while killing almost 100 AQ terrorists during 8 hours of non-stop fighting. 2 US Heroes vs. 100 AQ terrorists. Obama did nothing. Then he went to sleep. He had a major fundraising event in Las Vegas the next morning. He had an election to win.

There is no statute of limitation for treason, dereliction of duty or high crimes and misdemeanors. Regardless of the love one might have for Obama’s policies, skin color, ideology or “good works” – if he in fact, ordered an illegal CIA gun running operation in Libya without Congressional approval, ignored repeated Ambassador warnings of terrorist threats, ignored desperate pleas for help from two brave American Navy Seals and then, in cold blood, manufactured a knowingly false YouTube video argument to deceive Americans into supporting his re-election – he deserves more than impeachment.

March 11, 2013, marks the six month anniversary of the 9-11 Benghazi murders. Any American that places their love of benefits, healthcare, unions or party politics ahead of truth, honor, justice and the rule of law is every bit as guilty as Obama in the savage murder of four American patriots in Benghazi.

Help share this information across America. If you don’t have the courage or personal fortitude to accept the fact we have a cold-blooded, self-serving, above-the-law ego maniac occupying the most powerful office in the world, you are part of the problem that is plaguing the greatest nation on earth.

May God bless our brave Benghazi heroes.

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CBS News has learned the Obama admin has turned Benghazi docs to senate intel comm

One source who viewed the docs says someone in a federal agency “press shop” was involved in changing the talking points to remove al Qaeda

An official familiar with the docs says there were warnings from Libya sent to Washington in the days leading up to the attack–(cont)

–that specifically warned of an imminent attack on the US compound in Benghazi

A source familiar with the docs says most every communication between Libya and DC from the start of the attacks referenced —

–al Qaeda or al Qaeda affiliates as being the likely instigators

A source who viewed the docs says the few that mentioned a protest on benghazi nite were not first hand references

Two sources believe Benghazi survivor info and transcripts still have not been provided in unredacted form to committee

Obama Press Shield

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