Goal: 68 Million New Voters, Healthcare be Damned

Please review Mathew Boyle’s explosive article published at Brietbart.com on Oct. 30, 2013: “Election Integrity Activists: ObamaCare is “Biggest Voter Registration Fraud Scheme in History.” In brief, ObamaCare has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare for all.

Matthew clearly documents 6 facts that allows any objective reader to accept his very reasonable conclusion.

1: Beginning in 2010, the Obama administration began savagely attacking Houston resident Catherine Engelbrecht, President of “True the Vote”, with personal and business IRS audits, DHS threats, FBI visits, Secret Service investigations, harassing OSHA and BATF investigations. Watch a brief overview of the government attacks she and her family endured. Ask yourself, why so much massive fury directed at a single citizen unless she posed a dire threat to exposing the truth?
2: 100% of ObamaCare exchange applicants will automatically receive a voter registration card in the mail, in a manner more egregious than Bill Clinton’s 1993 “Motor-Voter” law, without one single government official actually laying eyes on another human being. The ObamaCare exchange system is programmed to blindly accept all user input data at face value. Period.
3: Left wing political activists are proudly gloating over their aggressive plans to mine the ObamaCare exchange databases and leverage “Navigators” (hired from the ranks of ACORN, Labor Unions and activist community organizations) to go door-to-door, registering the poor, elderly and illegals to vote. 68 Million NEW Democrat voters is their stated mission.
4: Why should Barack Obama actually care about the Healthcare.gov website costs, end-to-end customer data security, destruction of the individual healthcare markets, exploding healthcare premiums, etc., if his TRUE goal is 68 million new voters and NOT a better healthcare system for all?
5: By merely accepting this premise: Obama is hell-bent on the fundamental transformation he promised in 2008, and knowing he is a lifelong advocate of Saul Alynski (author of Rules for Radical, a book dedicated to Lucifer), then the engineered ObamaCare chaos via an “ends justify the means” ideology is easily understood. Acceptance of Obama’s deep hatred of America is the hardest part of this equation.
6: Who has publicly and consistently demonstrated higher character, honesty, decency and personal credibility: Citizen Catherine Englebrect or President Barack Obama?

imageBarack ObamaIf the basic essence of this blockbuster expose is correct, Obama, the Democrat Party, failed GOP “leaders” and the left-wing, ideological cheerleaders in the mainstream media will have accomplished what the Soviet Union could not: the total destruction of America via economic ruin. If the so-called conservative Republican Party can’t accept the harsh reality of Barack Obama’s deep hatred of capitalism and his constant war against the very ideal of American Exceptionalism, we can not possibly expect to survive as a nation.

I pray so-called conservative sages like Dr. Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Bill O’Reilly, Fred Barnes, Jeb Bush, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell will accept the unlimited depths to which radical progressives like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will go to destroy the very fabric of free market capitalism.

May we continue to accept God’s blessings on our great nation.

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  • Benjamin Dover

    Spot on.

  • Dan Norris

    This article explains some of why Obama can be so arrogant and lie to the Ameican People. The Dems are set to increase their voter rolls tremendously…Great article.