Leaning Right in Hollywood is Latest IRS Crime

LOS ANGELES — In a famously left-leaning Hollywood, where Democratic fund-raisers fill the social calendar, Friends of Abe stands out as a conservative group that bucks the prevailing political winds.

A collection of perhaps 1,500 right-leaning players in the entertainment industry, Friends of Abe keeps a low profile and fiercely protects its membership list, to avoid what it presumes would result in a sort of 21st-century blacklist, albeit on the other side of the partisan spectrum.

Now the Internal Revenue Service is reviewing the group’s activities in connection with its application for tax-exempt status. Last week, federal tax authorities presented the group with a 10-point request for detailed information about its meetings with politicians like Paul D. Ryan, Thaddeus McCotter and Herman Cain, among other matters, according to people briefed on the inquiry.

The people spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the organization’s confidentiality strictures, and to avoid complicating discussions with the I.R.S.

The actors Gary Sinise, left, and Jon Voight are among the few whose affiliation with Friends of Abe is public knowledge. Left, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images; right, Bret Hartman/Reuters

Please read the rest of this disturbing New York Times article, here.

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  • djmdgo

    I hope those on the right will fight back very publically. And Tom Selleck is up for re-election on the NRA board of directors…sure that galls the marxists.