A Georgia Mother’s Desperate Plea to GOP

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 1.30.47 PMEstablishment republicans simply don’t get it. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and presumed 2016 GOP Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, are both big government elitists eager to use the massive machinery of government to implement a “brilliant federal scheme”; one guaranteed to damage public education as much as ObamaCare is damaging our nation’s healthcare industry.  Barack Obama will forever be associated with the nightmare known as ObamaCare. Yet, very few parents, taxpayers, educators and citizens understand the disastrous potential of Obama’s hostile takeover of every single aspect of public education.

Today, at the Georgia State Capitol, one mother read aloud a desperate plea for all those willing to listen.  Below are her unedited remarks.

Like many of the people who have come here today I am both a taxpayer and a parent and I am extremely concerned about the use of common core in our schools.

In short, I’ve found the math not only to be impractical, but filled with useless and utter nonsense.  At the most basic level, simple addition is no longer simple – instead of ‘adding the ones’ and ‘carrying the tens’, my children are now being taught cumbersome and confusing grouping methods that require them to group the tens first and work backwards.  What used to be very efficient and a simple 2 step process is now a crazy 10 step monstrosity.  Some problems can now require almost 100 steps to complete – and if students don’t show ALL of their work, it’s marked wrong.

Last year, instead of moving on to multiplication, my second grader spent the ENTIRE year GOING BACKWARDS –  specifically so that they could “RE-learn” how to add and subtract via common core.  The methods were so bizarre and ridiculous, the teaches had to send home instruction sheets –  instruction sheets so parents of second graders could help their children to add and subtract.  That’s absurd!  – And second grade math is just the tip of the iceberg.

Among many things, my older child’s homework revealed that common core has no emphasis on memorizing multiplication tables;  it does NOT use standard algorithms; and as other parents I have spoken with have confirmed, it doesn’t even prioritize calculating your answers correctly.

Not only are “best guesses” and “estimations” acceptable, but apparently –  as long as a child can explain the thought process as to how he or she determined that 2 x 2 =7, it’s fine. If these are our new standards …. ”Rigorous” is certainly NOT the word I would use to describe them!

The time consuming, useless strategies of common core have absolutely no practical application in the real world.  No one is ever going to  draw a 9 box array and take over a dozen steps and 20 minutes just to figure out how much to leave for a tip –  or anything else.

Buying groceries . . . making change for a dollar . . . balancing a checkbook – every day life requires us to have the ability to quickly and ACCURATELY add, subtract and count money – So tell me . . .how would “guessing” or using a complicated, 45 minute process ever work for you?  This is NOT going to prepare my children for college and it’s certainly not going to prepare them for life.  Common core is a total travesty of our children’s education.  Contrary to some of the misinformation being reported, the true facts are – it is an unproven and untested experiment – and our children should not be used as its guiney pigs!

As a mom I am also outraged that the Department of Education will now be collecting personal information and intimate details about my children and our family and tracking it through a national data system.  This is unacceptable – it is disturbing, and it is a complete violation of privacy.

The oversight and control of our schools has always meant to be placed in the hands of the local tax payers who fund them and the parents of those children who attend them. PARENTS should have the strongest voice in their child’s education – not bureaucrats.  And Georgia’s education system should be accountable to Georgia parents and Georgia tax-payers – not Washington, D.C.

And so, as a mom I feel compelled to remind our school boards, our state senators, and especially our Governor – that you are all servants of the people.  You are not only expected to HONESTLY represent those you SERVE,  but you are obligated to be responsible stewards of OUR money and make just decisions in the best interest of our children and our future.

These are not SUGGESTIONS, they are your promises to the taxpayers who fund your salaries and trust in you to keep them.  You are sworn to represent our will, not disregard our voice.  So please, Governor Deal, hear me loud and clear – we do NOT want common core in our schools.

Not only is it destroying the achievement standards of our students and dumbing down our entire education system – but, in its wake, it’s also leaving our budgets destroyed, our schools non-transparent, our privacy violated and our children frustrated and confused.

It is imperative that we remove common core from our schools immediately and as both a taxpayer and mom, Governor Deal, I strongly encourage you to do so.”

How two so-called conservative republicans, Georgia’s Nathan Deal and Fox News’ Mike Huckabee, seem to have no problems with circumventing state, local and parental rights, handing national education and student testing over to private trade associations and empowering unelected, unaccountable, and progressive private foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, with a virtual monopoly of power, is beyond my comprehension.

Republicans, exactly what are your core principles?

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