Nathan Deal’s Common Core Push in Georgia

Nathan DealDear parents, teachers, preachers and voters – we need your help to stop the GOP led Common Core (CC) march into Georgia!

Friends, we must STOP this CC bill in the Georgia House. House education hearings will begin next week after the GOP led Senate passes SB 167 this week.

As Georgia Senator William Ligon admits, his bill DOES NOT give Georgia anything resembling a CLEAN BREAK from the Common Core standards but, it instead gives all local school districts the authority to choose to continue using CC math and/or English and Language Arts (ELA) standards or return to using the previous Georgia Performance Standards (GPS).  Local school boards can choose to do this starting with the 2014-15 school year.

While I SUPPORT the goal of local control, I am very afraid that giving local control in this manner, given that many districts have already invested millions in Common Core materials, will only accelerate the integration of CC throughout our state. While state officials maintain authority over the development of statewide testing and standards to be developed/implemented during the next two to three years, currently proposed legislation WILL cause mass chaos, confusion, and division as school boards across our state engage in the difficult process of trying to please everyone in their school district.

Informed parents want to COMPLETELY REMOVE Common Core from their schools! Experienced teachers know CC is wrong. Only a very small minority of school board members, at this point, are siding with the clear wishes of parents.

Who wants to KEEP Common Core? According to Rep. Brooks Coleman, during the statewide listening tours, 100% of our district school superintendents raised their hands, indicating that they like Common Core. Also, according to Brooks Coleman, the majority of school board members across the state also like the CC testing standards. The local and state Chamber of Commerce is demanding adoption of CC standards. And our younger teachers who ONLY know how to teach curriculum that aligns with Common Core because this is what our universities have been teaching them.

WITHOUT A STATE LAW THAT REQUIRES ALL SCHOOL DISTRICTS TO STOP TEACHING COMMON CORE, I believe very few school boards will choose to do so…. at least not by the start of this coming school year. Therefore, any GOP legislation that gives our school boards a “green light” to race forward with Common Core, is a bill that is de-facto, pro Common Core.

Additionally, without STATE LAW preventing any alignment to Common Core, our public universities will continue to teach our teachers the “global citizen” vs. “American individual” ideology imbedded throughout these UN inspired CC standards.

As I see it, these are the challenges of making the change that school districts will face:

What kind of teacher retraining will have to be done, yet AGAIN?

Do they have textbooks to use if they switch back this summer?

How long will it take to get textbooks and teaching materials?

Will they be teaching enough content for their students to pass the state developed criterion reference tests?

Will there be CRTs developed by the state that align to a NON-Common Core curriculum?

What about their school performance rates based on the scores of their students taking the CRTs?

Do they have to be concerned about accreditation if they make the wrong decision?

Do they need to worry about scoring low and face the “turn around” model laid out in the Race to the Top federal grant funding agreement?

Is it logical to think that a local school district will go through all the work required to make this 180 degree turn, away from Common Core, before the start of the 2014-15 school year WITHOUT a state mandate?

I’m afraid this bill is going to be a HUGE MESS when parents realize that their local school boards won’t be willing to jump the Common Core ship right away.

Governor Nathan Deal could, with one simple signature, protect every child in our state by eliminating Georgia from our Common Core relationship. He has the executive authority to do this, yet he refuses.

Yes, I stand for complete local school control, but this current bill doesn’t go far enough, quickly enough, and guarantees a chaotic curriculum adoption process and wide spread anxiety across our state. This bill, as written, is a betrayal to all the grass roots activists that worked tirelessly to rid Common Core from our state.

When all the anti-Common Core parents realize this truth…. there will be a few more who make the decision to home school or send their children to a private school. As a result, our state’s schools will see an even greater loss of federal dollars and our local school districts will see even more schools closing. THIS IS THE BEST CASE SCENARIO.

The WORST CASE SCENARIO? Many schools will fail, parents will cry even louder for charter schools (not realizing that the state charter schools REQUIRE the Common Core curriculum), our state will get federal dollars (already budgeted in the ESEA) to shut down “failing schools” run by a local school board, then re-established as state-run charter schools run by UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE school board councils using our tax dollars.

I would have preferred the original anti-Common Core bill filed last year with a clean break from teaching CC anywhere in our state. NO GRAY AREA! And, I think this is what informed parents have wanted all along.

WHO WILL BENEFIT THE MOST FROM THE PASSAGE OF THIS CURRENT BILL? Governor Nathan Deal! This will be one of his MAJOR talking point on the campaign trail between now and his May primary. Voters who haven’t read the bill, or know little about Common Core, won’t realize that neither his campaign rhetoric, nor this new legislation, will end Common Core in our state.

The exact opposite will occur.

Are your neighbors, PTAs, communities and churches awake yet? Please fight this GOP led effort to bring a permanent Common Core presence into our schools. Time is of the essence.  Please share this information with all you can.
Common Core

For more detailed information on why Georgia’s proposed Common Core legislation is terrible for students, please watch Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao’s EXCEPTIONAL 6 minute video that precisely analyzes this terrible legislation.

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  • warddorrity

    Remove your children from these irredeemably corrupt institutions of indoctrination. Homeschool, no matter the cost. That is the only solution. I grew up in a house full of books as did my wife. I began first grade already knowing how to read, and with an insatiable curiosity that fueled my desire to learn. I consumed everything including the classics.

    My parents sacrificed to send me to what were considered decent schools of the day. I had already had several years of Latin, 2 of French and German and one of Russian by the time I hit college. Over the decades, this has served me well.

    Nothing of the kind is available in today’s institutions of public education. Decades ago, political correctness and Marxist multiculturalism trumped what we used to call a classical education. The primary target of these so-called ‘progressives’ has long been the stabilizing force of traditional Western values that works through individual conscience. Specifically, these are the values of the ancient Jews and their gentile Christian progeny. At the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, David Horowitz described it as a blend of Judaic law and Hellenistic philosophy. It’s the historic alloy of law and value, of personal liberty and individual accountability, of faith and reason. While Jesse Jackson chants, “Hey hey, ho ho, Western Culture’s gotta’ go,” his multicultural followers reject the very values that gave the world the Magna Carta, the Mayflower Compact, and the Declaration of Independence.

    Common Core is merely today’s recast of the late 90s programs that we used to know as Outcome Based Education, School To Work and Goals 2000. If this seems a little extreme to you, then you probably don’t recall that a 25 year old survey survey of 200 major corporations found that 22 percent of companies had to teach their employees to read, and 41 percent had to teach employees to write. Ninety million American adults could not write a letter complaining about a consumer billing error. The Hearst Corporation conducted a poll revealing that 45 percent of those asked believed that the Marxist slogan, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” is part of the U.S. Constitution. And while every recent graduate may know how to use a condom or recognize Patricia Ireland, only four out of ten polled adults could correctly identify the Bill of Rights.

    That was 25 years ago. Do you think that the situation has improved since then?

    I left my career at Microsoft along with almost a quarter million in stock options in order to get our kids out of Puget Sound area schools. The last straw was not so much discovering that the ‘advanced’ schools of the time were using Howard Zinn’s execrable “A Peoples History of the United States” used as a teaching text, but that it was accompanied by a plethora of ‘study aides’ in the form of classroom posters and other materials. I found it far easier to fill in the blanks than it is to counteract the sort of outright lies and delusions that were being dished out to our kids at the time.

    We raised our children to be philosophers, warriors, patriots and spiritually sovereign individuals. Raised eybrow? Then consider this: you’re a philosopher every time you make the distinction between right and wrong, good and evil. You’re a warrior every time you stand up what you believe in. You’re a patriot if you revere the legacy of our Founding Fathers. And you’re a spiritually sovereign if you refuse to be taken in by religious hucksters and middlemen selling salvation on the cheap.

    We hold dear the defining values of our Western Christian culture as they were described so eloquently by historian Carroll Quigley:

    “Love, humility, brotherhood, cooperation, the sanctity of work, the fellowship of community, the image of man as a fellow creature made in the image of God, respect for women as personalities and partners of men, mutual helpmates on the road to
    spiritual salvation, and the vision of our universe, with all of its diversity, complexity, and multitude of creatures, as a reflection of the power and goodness of God…”

    These basic aspects of Christ’s teachings that underlie the foundations of Western culture are not only lacking lacking in public schools today – they have been driven out of those institutions with a will. Defeat Common Core and something equally vile will soon be put in its place. As a consequence, we do not support public “education”. It cannot be reformed. It cannot be redeemed. And those responsible for its present state are guilty of crimes against God, Man, Reason Justice and nature.

  • Meg Norris

    This is why SB167 must pass. Once signed we can begin to change the code as needed. Waiting for a new bill will put us YEARS behind.

    • Common Sense

      Sorry Meg, but passing this bill will put us years behind. Passing this bill means teachers will have to effectively throw away what they have developed over the past several years. If that’s not putting us years behind, I don’t know what is.

      • Meg Norris

        Going back to GPS, already proven to be superior to CCSS as well as teacher written, would be simple. CRCT still tests based on GPS. I don’t care how much work has been put into these crap standards. My kids are worth teaching with better standards. ANY parent not OPTING OUT this year is setting their child up for huge failure.

      • Meg Norris

        Start learning about how horrible these standards are. Everyone is in love with the IDEA of these magical standards. But they don’t come close to giving our children the skills and content they need to be successful.

  • Common Sense

    @ Ward… All it took was reading your first paragraph, and I already know this: you’re either completely misinformed, or you’re simply a crackpot.

    My children (three of them) have gone to public schools, they have been reading since the age of four, and they make excellent grades. One is in college (making As, thank you very much), while the other two are in k-12. All have been challenged appropriately with the current standards, and all will be ready (one has already proven she was ready) for college.

    This bill doesn’t even really address Common Core. If you had read the bill, you would know that. The bill instead puts politicians in control of who sits at the table to discuss standards, There are three seats for educators, and nine for parents/grandparents (why not aunts/uncles/other guardians?). All are appointed by one of three people: Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker of House. Governor appoints 9 himself, giving him a majority.

    The language in the bill is terrible – vague, perplexing, misinforming in itself. The data restrictions will prevent our children from being able to access remedial or enriching sites from outside of GA. It makes GA an island in education, with no outside resources allowed.

    In short, the bill pushes GA back into the Dark Ages. I will continue to campaign against it, and we have seen from the hearing those who are dead-set against it (by a 7-1 ratio). I will continue to push my representative (and others) to vote NO on SB 167.

    READ THE BILL – then argue your point all you wish.

  • Common Sense


    Thanks for the article. You list many good points.