A Common Core Game Changer

IndoctriNationBreaking through the main stream media’s blackout and exposing actual facts and truth about Common Core IS possible.

One all-volunteer group in Georgia, About Common Core (ACC), is on a mission to eradicate Common Core in all states – quickly.  They seek to make Common Core THE litmus test issue in every 2014 & 2016 local, state & national campaign.

The Formula

ACC seeks to quickly turn millions of citizens into mobile empowered teachers by giving away a powerful, easy to use app for instantly sharing tidbits of Common Core’s reality.


An estimated 70% to 80% of adults are uninformed, unthinking or indifferent to the issues related to Common Core.  ACC’s national awareness campaign is designed to help citizens, parents, teachers, activists and voters effectively inform others. Their non-threatening, apolitical app allows anyone to introduce “the other side of the Common Core story” – instantly.  The ACC team believes targeting the uninformed to heighten awareness is “the whole ball game.”  As millions of new people are introduced to the reality of Common Core, ACC believes most will seek ways to shield children from this miseducation scheme – and reject all who support Common Core.

ACC believes every app on a smartphone or tablet is perhaps 50x more valuable than a yard sign or bumper sticker for political candidates. Why? Because even the smallest bit of Common Core truth leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of most. And once voters understand exactly who supports Common Core’s secretive design, crony capitalism, experimental curricula, anti-American, fuzzy math, privacy invading, hyper-testing, “one size fits all” indoctrination ecosystem, they will reject those candidates.

Education Liberty Award

Pennington_ELA_Team_0327About Common Core’s Education Liberty Award is presented for bold, public opposition to the national Common Core State Standards Initiates. Incumbents and candidates across America are extremely vulnerable in many 2014 elections, largely due to their Common Core cronyism.

In Search of Excellence

About Common Core seeks people of all parties, faiths and priorities; military heroes, public servants, school superintendents, professional athletes, actors/actresses and high profile individuals deserving of the Education Liberty Award.  All media attention that can be directed towards the truth of Common Core is critical. Each Education Liberty Award recipient presents a unique opportunity for local, state and national attention.  The ACC team is confident that StudentsFirst, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Department of Education, inBloom, PARCC, Pearson Education and other pro-Common Core advocates won’t enjoy the attention.

Fast Start

Since their March 18, 2014 launch, with only word of mouth marketing, almost 2,000 citizens across America installed the “About Common Core” app on their mobile devices.  The ACC team believes their national awareness campaign will rapidly gain attention as new, high-profile citizens meet the requirements to earn the Education Liberty Award.

ACC’s mission is to defend every child, teacher and family from exposure to the destructive, unproven, privacy invading, anti-American influences of Common Core. Their fight isn’t a right/left, black/white, rich/poor or atheist/Christian issue, it’s a moral issue. And a constitutional issue.

ACC encourages all Americans to immediately begin using their free tools. Their website, mobile app, marketing tools and Twitter feed are gifts with no strings attached.

Website: AboutCommonCore.com
Twitter: @AboutCommonCore

Free Mobile App
Available as a direct download from our website, Android (Google Play), Amazon and Apple App Stores.

The ACC AppSmartphone AppACC Research Page





Marketing collateral

Free, unrestricted use: Email, Facebook, Tweet, Blog, Websites. Design away, today! And please share with us your great ideas!

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Yes, I Agree

A Citizen Pledge located within the mobile app. It can be completed in < 30 seconds.

ACC Pledge





Education Liberty Award

Earned by qualified, committed individuals and subject to conditions.






More information – “About Common Core”

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Breitbart News – Where journalism lives

Sharing the truth “About Common Core” in every home, business, coffee shop and church in America is as easy as saying, “Hey, there’s a free app for that!”

If you find this information valuable, please share with others.

Godspeed to every anti-Common Core friend in America.

Media inquiries should be directed to AboutCommonCore@Gmail.com

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  • Rob,
    I am active in the movement in NY State where the stakes are even higher because our state is all-in with not just the standards, but allowing non-teachers to develop a curriculum as well as collecting over 400 data points on our kids. That data is then turned over to InBloom with NO accountability for the safety and security of our children’s personal identifiable information. Race To The Top is covering much of the funding now, but in 2015 we are all on our own and I am estimating that our school taxes will be increasing in double digits. Thank you for your efforts in your home state – we need mobilized parents across the US to stop this train wreck before it destroys an entire generation.

    • This is my calling, Mary Ann – not just in Georgia, but across America. Please consider yourself New York State’s Volunteer Leader of “About Common Core” – just take this platform and mobilize your forces. This is can be viral, powerful and a true game changer!