Will Supremes Uphold ObamaCare’s Stupid “Typo” Fraud?

Paging Dr. ObamaMIT Professor and chief ObamaCare architect, Jonathan Gruber, has been captured on video tape, twice, bragging that he purposely deceived “stupid Americans”, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and all Democrats, in order to enact Barack Obama’s “legacy” healthcare legislation.

Professor Gruber has also been captured on tape, explaining how states that decide NOT to establish state-run healthcare exchanges would suffer financial harm by not being eligible to receive federal healthcare subsidies.  This “smoking gun”, 2012 Gruber videotape is damning evidence that exposes the current administration/media lie that only a “typo” in the current ObamaCare law is preventing the federal government from issuing federal subsidies to the 36 states that elected not to create state healthcare exchanges.

The plain language of the ObamaCare legislation, as explained passionately by Professor Gruber, expressly forbids federal subsidies being issued to federally managed healthcare exchanges. Period.

Soon, the Supreme Court must issue a ruling on the legality of federal subsidies being issued to the 36 federally created healthcare exchanges. Before issuing this critical legal ruling, surely the Supremes will review the publicly available video tapes of the ObamaCare architect, strenuously arguing that the 36 federal healthcare exchanges being operated in various states are ineligible to receive federal healthcare subsidies. By design. The Supreme Court must choose to “double down” on Jonathan Gruber’s admitted ObamaCare fraud or issue a ruling that effectively ends ObamaCare. There is no third option.

If the Supremes uphold ObamaCare by validating the Obama administration’s “typo” excuse, their fraudulent ruling will surely lead to a citizen revolt. The mainstream network media, namely ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, have refused to give even a single minute of coverage to the damning ObamaCare video evidence that has recently surfaced.  Apparently, network executives and cable media dinosaurs have adopted the Hillary Clinton mantra of, “What difference, at this point, does it make?

Obviously, Barack Obama, the mainstream media, 100% of the Democrat Party that voted to enact ObamaCare, and far too many republicans believe Americans are too stupid to understand ObamaCare.

We the people will have the last laugh.

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  • Deciding the Vote

    We have 31 Republican governors, a ruling from Mr. Roberts giving each his/her head, and no excuses. Come on people, let’s do this thing. GET ON THE PHONE.

  • I.M.Hughman

    Okay my “Fellow Americans”, have you had enough of these BIG FEDERAL GOVERNMENT liberals, who have repeatedly spewed lie after lie, only to tell “US” they know what is best for you and your children? Personally, I am sick, very tired and extremely angry at the nerve of these liberal Democrats. The least Mr Obama deserves is a firm slap to his face for all the grief he has caused many good Americans. He is supposed to work for all Americans, yet he has chosen to work only for those who believe in his brand of Socialism he would have us all living under. I hope this experience has awakened each and every apathetic voter, so that they never again fail to vote. America is destined to fail if the number of Government workers continues to grow. Each and every Government worker is “encouraged” to vote and you can bet their vote is in favor of the Liberal “BIG GOVERNMENT” candidate.

    Stay home if you want more of your hard earned money to go to the Federal Bureaucracy.

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  • CaMaven

    There are several smoking guns and witnesses who saw them fired and hit the target. MSM thinks they can bury this? The HELL they will. Make it go viral, patriots. It DOES make a BIG difference.