Oh Say Can You Shill

“An Ode to Queen Hillary”

BleachBit, hammers and public lies, oh my;
The stench of her YouTube Benghazi alibi.
Perverts and bimbos with Weiner & Slick Willy,
Hill’s character & judgement’s truly quite silly.
Syria, ISIS, and her Middle East ablaze,
Muslim Brotherhood still advises her ways.
A slush-fund foundation built on pay-to-play,
Dead broke to uber rich, the Clinton way.
Head trauma, “amnesia” and 13 devices,
Hill’s cleaners excused with FBI passes.
Rule of law and blind justice bounced on it’s ass,
Tricky Dick Nixon is surely aghast.
For America to remain the home of the brave,
We must not elect her or we dig our own grave.

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