About Me

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My passion for America, the strongest, most successful, free and generous nation in history, fuels my desire to defend her honor and preserve her legacy. So, I read, study, write, educate, network, fight and endlessly seek ways to promote America’s exceptional nature. 

I was blessed with parents of incredible character and strength, graced with the brilliance and courage of America’s Founding Fathers and created by an omnipotent, all loving Father. No man could be more grateful for the love, respect and beauty of my talented, inspiring and selfless wife. I’m a born and raised Georgia native, UGA alumni, USAF veteran, father, business owner and filmmaker. 

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Let’s all give, serve, learn, teach, inspire, lead, hold one another accountable, expose fraud, fight fire with fire, pray, love, forgive….and leave everything on the field. It’s the least we can do for those that have sacrificed for us.

Don’t we owe this to the next generation?

God Bless and Godspeed.