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An Executive’s Guide to Outlook

An Executive’s Guide to Outlook

With the advent in the field of information technology, there are various changes, which are quite evident in the life of modern individuals. One of such amazing change is in the form of Outlook, given below are some significant points, which can act as an executive guide to Outlook:

-Public Holidays: In order to add public holidays to the calendar for different locations, Outlook provides a great option. All one need to do is open Options then go to Calendar and then finally to Add Holidays.

-Quick, Email Reply: In order to provide a quick reply to an email Ctrl + R would be the best option. It is wise to know the keyboard shortcuts, to do all the tasks quickly.

-Reply All: In order to reply to all in an email, Alt + R would assist.

-Email Forward: In order to forward an email, Alt + W would assist.

-Time Zone: It is possible to add a second time zone; all one needs to do is open Options, then Calendar, then Time Zones, and then finally a second time zone.

-Favorite Folders: In order to keep the mailbox clutter free, make favorite folders. All one needs to do is go to View then Folder Pane and then finally enable Favorites.

-Outlook Social Connector: The outlook social connector is ideal for those who use social media as it enables a person to check social media without visiting the links separately. In order to do all one need to do is go to View then People Pane and then Account Settings to set the relevant information.

-Recalling an Email: A person can accidentally send an email, however, outlook provides an option to recall the email. There are two options available to an individual in this scenario. Firstly, they can delete the copies of the message or replace it with a new one. All one need to do is to go to Messages, then Actions, and then recall this message.

-Calendar Group: There is a possibility to create a calendar group in order to view it with the team at the very same time. All one needs to do is go to Groups, then Create New Calendar Group, then insert the name of the relevant group, and then finally click OK. It is also possible to add the names of the relevant group members of that particular group. For this purpose go to Group, then click Group Members, perform the relevant task and then finally click OK.

Final Words

Outlook has changed the way; businesses perform in the modern age. Everything is systematic and arranged. It is wise to have knowledge of Outlook in order to keep pace with the fast-changing world.


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