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How Google’s New Gaming Console will Compete with Playstation 4

In the recent past, Google is making moves of entering in the industry of video game development, but they have caught many in surprise after they announced that they are developing a gaming platform which is expected to compete with PlayStation 4 and Xbox. The gaming console has been in existence for many years now but widely denominated with the Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

Some think that Google has made it on the gaming industry through YouTube, but their attempt to create an actual device like the Botched Android-based console has experience failure in past years. But the company now is determined to break through the gaming industry as we saw the company hired the game console guru Phil Harrison who has vast experience having spent time with Sony and Microsoft. The company has been on scouting and hiring window not only from the console industry, but they have hired a top talented programmer from the triple-A publishers like the EA.

Kotaku has announced that at Google they are working on developing a streaming device codenamed the “YETI”. He went deep to explain the design approach of the device with being of three approaches first will be to develop the device, then develop the hardware the final stage will be bringing different game developers under one Umbrella. This is the move that Google has taken recently as well as acquire the Ninja Theory.

Google has kept it a secret on how this system will look like little information is in the public domain, so it launches to be a big surprise. The little that is know is that they are not just focusing on creating a streaming platform which has been the tread of other future gaming. They will aim to bring a console which has quality games for any pc, including cheap options like the Chrome books which will be moving the processing and offsite data from the server.

If game streaming is the future of this great industry, then Google is the company to figure out and come up with an affordable way to achieve this. Many other companies like Amazon in the past have tried to compete with PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo and failed. But Google has a lot of money to invest so that it offers a competitive edge to PlayStation, If they can eliminate the console dependent and create a streaming network which will deliver quality gaming at a lower cost than Google will have the lion share in the market.

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