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International Tech Advancements in 2019

As society grows, technology grows. This is a universal concept. Whether it be transportation to entertainment and everything in between, advancements are what we should all be looking out for in the near future.

Tesla Model Y

Rumored to be affordable and amazingly advanced, the Tesla Model Y was hinted at by Elon Musk on Twitter. The release date is somewhere in mid-March, the vehicle is expected to be a crossover, offering many features that customers have previously wanted.

Sony Xperia Curve

The newest mobile device, with a release date set sometime in 2019, is rumored to be a direct competitor to IOS and Samsung mobile devices. With a crystal clear screen and curved glass, the device is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Apple iPhone 2019

Rumored to be ditching the Intel 5G modems that previous iPhones have been running, the device is supposedly going to be a lot faster and a lot more reliable. Money, however, is only advancing up. The price point for the 2019 iPhone is expected to be close to the iPhone X.

VW Atlas Pickup Truck

A concept to be decided upon in late 2019, is another great technological advancement in the world of Pickup Trucks. The vehicle features a unibody and a removable portion of the back wall. Features unique to only a few other trucks. The Atlas will be a direct competitor to the Honda Ridgeline. The only other Pickup to feature a Unibody kit and fully independent suspension.

Unmanned Aerial Traffic System

In 2019, NASA is expected to have finished their Unmanned Aerial Traffic System that’ll allow for drones to be used all over the United States. This allows companies like Amazon to deliver packages to customers in a faster and more environmentally friendly way.

Keep an eye out for these advancements that are expected to arrive in 2019. You may be overjoyed at how they change our way of life.

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