One Step

SharePlease take One Step: Share these videos. Leverage the talented Americans (below) to help teach why America is a noble, prosperous and charitable nation.

Why Now? 

Truth awakens the spirit. Truth is instantly recognizable.  And millions have never been respected enough to hear these truths. In a few seconds, you will give a great gift to all those robbed of these insights.

Milton Friedman on Greed

Alfonzo Rachel on Black Voting

Marco Rubio on Tea Party

Bill Whittle on Racism

Milton Friedman on Class Warfare

Ronald Reagan on Limited Government

Andrew Breitbart on Media Corruption

America is much weaker than she needs to be.  Years of national indoctrination has favored collectivism, negative history, moral relativism, social “justice”, redistributive “economics”, anti-capitalist teachings and politically motivated “science.” On average, 14,000 hours of classroom time is required to complete grades K-12. An estimated 40,000 hours of progressively influenced, electronic media (games, music, videos, books and movies) will being “consumed” by an average student before graduating high school. And then these impressionable youth gain immediate access to the ballot box, often times having never been exposed to “both sides of the story.”

Are You?

  • Seeking a noble cause to volunteer your time and talents?
  • In search of ways to serve your local community?
  • Unable to sit idle as our nation deteriorates?

Become a patriot educator.  No money, nothing to join, no phone calls are necessary. With little more than a computer, tablet or smart phone, share the lessons on this page, whenever an opportunity arises.  You can make a difference in the life of each person you teach. The world is your classroom.  Tuition for everyone is free.

No special talents or expertise is required. Volunteer to teach or share these lessons face-to-face, on the phone, in chat rooms, via social media, over Skype, in schools, places of worship, bus stops, at baseball parks, in coffee shops, over lunch — virtually anywhere!

Few rewards on earth are better than experiencing the joy of helping a person fundamentally transform from victimhood to invincibility. Morphing from dependent to independent.  These powerful truths can help others escape the mentality of helplessness.


Watch, listen, share and teach!

Become a “pay it forward” community educator. Let’s reach outside our comfort zones.

Take One Step!