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Will Supremes Uphold ObamaCare’s Stupid “Typo” Fraud?

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MIT Professor and chief ObamaCare architect, Jonathan Gruber, has been captured on video tape, twice, bragging that he purposely deceived “stupid Americans”, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and all Democrats, in order to enact Barack Obama’s “legacy” healthcare legislation. Professor Gruber has … Continue reading

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The War on Benghazi Women

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An actual War on Women is ablaze with such intense heat that, if the majority of women in America were emotionally connected with even the most basic of Benghazi truths, their reaction might bring the Obama administration to its’ knees. … Continue reading

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Clearly, This Isn’t Watergate

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88 IRS agents, tasked as political hit men, with inter-agency coordination between EOP, DOJ, ICE, OSHA, FBI and DHS, targeted citizen speech, thought, prayer, political donations, adoptions, social media and assembly, for 3 years. Inspired, appointed and empowered by Obama … Continue reading

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(Updated) Why Progressives Will Underwrite Obama’s Impeachment

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Obama will NOT complete his 2nd term as President. First, for Obama’s repeated lies, coverup and abandonment of two heroic Navy Seals, leaving both to die on the Benghazi battlefield on 9/11/2012, while the liberal media openly carried his YouTube video water for … Continue reading

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Eighteen Months of Benghazi Disgrace (and Counting)

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Sickened beyond words, it is difficult to express the emptiness I feel in admitting the vast majority of America’s media have become enemy combatants in a War on Truth. Most major media outlets, save Fox News and talk radio, are … Continue reading

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CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson is America’s Paul Revere

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A ‘Press Shop’ removed ‘Al-Qaeda’ from all Benghazi Talking Points – full report. Political Hacks Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Susan Rice blatantly lied. Why are most major media strangely silent, incurious about the whereabouts of the 30 Benghazi survivors? … Continue reading

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