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Understanding the Costs of SSD Data Recovery

Data recovery companies have built a reputation in recovering data lost form any storage device. However special concerns are met when recovering data in self encrypted storage devices like SAD.



According to a research done by a data recovery company, Gill wares in Wisconsin, US, reducing the time it takes to recover data reduces the overall recovery cost.

But the question of how you can manage to hasten data recovery but ensure that you have gotten as much useful information and data from the self-encrypted device?

  • Well the cost of data recovery from SSD averages from $ 700 to $ 3000 which is very inhibition.
  • The figures also is comparable to recovering data in hard drives where it’s much lower.
  • The cost is deemed this excessive due to the specialized tools and equipment’s used.
  • the expertise needed from engineers and technical used and the man hours needed to recover the data.
  • Data in SAD is often corrupted despite the physical health of the hardware been well.
  • The most potential area for corruption occurs in the firmware portion of the drive. These leads to issue of access of dada from the BSDs.
  • Data recovery will involve accessing and placing the encryption key or cracking the encryption placed to help unlock and recover the data.
  • One of the best efforts that have been put in place to reduce cost of data recovery in SSD is.
  • the placement and feature put in place by manufactures to help data recovery experts’ access and use the encryption key with ease.

With proper customer care efforts most of the data can be recovered and translated efficiently through the manufacturers helps.

While there are varying degrees of encryption used to protect data in drives, the higher the level of security measures leads to higher cost of data recovery.

And though in most instance some of the most sensitive data needs these level of security you can’t avoid using highly encrypted devices.

When its physical damage involved. Experts often use special equipment and rooms to ensure that further damage is avoided and proper repair can be managed.

Making physically damaged SSD data recovery very hard. However if proper knowledge and skills are in place cost will significant be reduced since all data recovery efforts will be significantly fast.

At the heart of developing SSDs is the aspect of developing measures to ensure that all the data in its safe from intrusion.

But when the SSD get corrupted from either physical damage, firmware malfunction or other means, the recovery of data can be very hard and complicated. Hence fast and skilful operation can help reduce cost of data recovery significantly.